The Original Lug Lock is an engineering feat of simplistic complexity.

What you will quickly see and realize is that The Original Lug Locks are easy to use and they keep your drum from detuning. What you can not see at a glance are the details in the design. The Original Lug Lock is engineered in a way that depending on what direction you apply it to the drum it will work with a plethora of different rims i.e, 1.6mm, 2.3mm, Stick Savers, Stick Choppers, Die-Cast, and the popular "name brand" rims as well.

There is a reason that the world's leading drummers and drum techs choose The Original Lug Lock brand.


Lug Lock Videos

Drum “de” Tuning issue solved with The Original Lug Lock

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Wyatt Stav demos Lug Locks

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